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With sales areas throughout Germany and Europe, Jürgens ranks among the leading specialists for sophisticated castings made of spheroidal graphite iron, a kind of cast iron enriched with spheroidal graphite particles.

But our work does not start simply with the casting of precision parts, it starts much earlier: we realise your projects right from the planning phase onwards – so we take care of all the necessary steps from constructive design of the component to individual production of the rough cast and on through to the finishing of your ready-to-install cast components.

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Packaging Technology

The name Jürgens stands for a wide range of high quality and individual precision products. These include many different types of packaging machines and systems that we manufacture to the highest level and in line with state-of-the-art technological standards.

In addition to fully-automatic turnkey reel handling and packaging systems, our scope of supply also includes packaging machines for the gypsum industry and innovative packaging systems for both dangerous and industrial goods.

So no matter how special or individual the requirements of our customers: we can implement virtually all of them with our versatile automation solutions.

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From the individual casting right through to complete machinery that functions perfectly: achieved at Jürgens in no time at all. Complete weaving looms are also produced here, including shuttle, rapier, and projectile weaving looms for the manufacture of technical fabrics.

We not only keep a very close eye on the optimisation of our own product range where such technical fabrics is concerned, we also keep track of the modernisation of competitors' products as well. So you can be absolutely sure you are always up-to-date with the latest technical standards when it comes to weaving looms.

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